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Can I use marble on my kitchen countertops?

Yes, millions of kitchens are done in marble BUT it is important to realize the different qualities that marble possess. Marble, in general, is a softer and more porous material.

What is the difference between Honed and Polished?

Honed finishes are not as shiny as polished finishes. They are more of a matte finish and lighter in color. Polished stones have a high gloss finish. Stones that are polished can be honed and vice a versa in our shop.

How many seams will my countertop have?

The number of seams vary from project to project. The shape and size of your countertops will be the determining factor. When our staff goes out to your home to measure they will show you on your layout exactly where the seams will be placed. In general, pieces longer than 96” will need to be seamed, especially if there is a sink or cooktop cut out on that piece.

Are seams visible?

Yes, seams are visible on your countertop. We make an effort to place the pieces as close together as possible and bond them together with color-coordinated glue. A well executed seam will be smooth but can be felt.

Does the 3/4” thick granite hold up as well as the thicker 1 1/4” ?

Yes, 3/4? thick stone is an industry standard. The only time you may be advised to use the thicker stone is if you have a very long stretch that has a sink cut out that or if you have an island/peninsula that has a large over hang. You may need extra support under the thinner stone where you would not need it for the thicker.

What makes one stone more expensive than the other?

The price of stone is determined by a number of different factors. One of the first being the difficulty in quarrying a particular stone. Some stones are much deeper in the ground than others and therefore require special machines, more time and man power to extract from the ground. Another factor is what part of the world the stone is coming from: the costs in that country for shipping, taxes, customs etc. The availability of a stone is another factor in price. It is possible for a quarry to run out of a specific stone. When quarries see that they are running low on a particular material the price goes up.

How much does my stone weigh?

1 1/4” (3cm) thick stone weighs approx 17 lbs per sqft. 3/4” (2cm) thick stone weighs approx 11 lbs per sqft. Stone tile weighs approx 5 lbs per sqft.

How often should I seal my granite/marble countertops?

We recommend that you seal them yourself every 1 -2 years based on what material you choose. 

Where does our stone come from?

All stones are from Local and oversea, such as TCE, firstone, Caeserstone, Silestonre, LG, Samsung, etc.

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