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Important note for DIY, Pick Up Customers:

The Cabinets Assembly are mainly for Contractors, Cabinet makers, or at least handy persons.

if you are the homeowners or new to this field, please try not to assembly by yourself, and take your own responsibility, we don’t accept any return with any already assembly box, and the 25% restocking fee is to unopen box only.

we don't offer assembly instruction over the phone/Email by unnecessary inquiring (such as how to build drawer, drawer slide, hinge etc., and there are no instructions because this is for professional skill workers, so please hire your professional contractors to work on it.

If you like to need some help for assembly, we can also offer very low cost for assembly from $25 to 50 on each cabinet box, and we can custom different size of depth, Width and Height based on requirements.

Thanks for your understanding so we can serve our customers better.

Wall Cabinet Assembly Instruction


Base Cabinet Assembly Instruction


Drawer Base Cabinet Assembly Instruction

B36 Instruction.jpg

Drawer Slide Location Assembly Instruction


Drawer face Assembly Instruction

Drawer box detail.jpg

WDC WALL CORNER CABINET Assembly Instruction

WDC instruction.jpg

CB LAZY SUSAN CABINET Assembly Instruction

CB instruction.jpg
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