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We help do-it-yourself make quartz countertop dreams a reality with your saving on the budget. Simply place your custom order with DIY and we’ll fabricate to your specifications. Choose from a wide range of quartz color options. 

How doesn't work?

your quote = the cost of slab (as deposit) + Labour ($39.99 LF/ $19.99 SF) + Other Requirement (Sink Cutout $125/per hole), ect.

For Example, Quote for 40 LF kitchen = the cost of slab $700 (as deposit)  + Labour ($39.99 LF/ 40 SF = $1599.6) + Other Requirement (Sink Cutout $125/per hole x 1 ) = 700+1599.6+125 = $2424.6


*DIY order requires that you should have some skills to install, Heavy lift, and transport the countertops to carry out your own projects.

*This is special order, and this order is limited to maximum 5 piece per slab, and only apply to rectangle shape on your pieces. if other design with different shape, there is a surcharge or limitation to complete, and we will contact you and give you a better solution. 

*if you are not confident to do it yourself, please select the installation service.



#1. Place Order for material from website (1 slab = 40 S.F. or 20 L.F.) and provide your information on measurement, Polish, sink Center. etc. the cost of material is consider as the deposit and secure your job. at the same time, we put and purchase order from slab supply company to make sure your slab is been confirmed. if your project needs 2 slabs, you need to order 2 slabs, otherwise, it will delay your order.

For example, your job require one slab and the cost is $700 which is consider as the deposit. 


#2.Order Review and Approval by our Professional Designer. we will confirm all details with you before fabrication. 

For example, the measurement is not clear or confusing, we will contact you for clarification. 

#3. We will let you know when it is ready to pick up and you will pay the balance when we help you to load on your truck. (Approximately 1 to 2 weeks to complete your order).

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